Theresa has a story that may change your life forever. Theresa‘s story is an emotional one, it is one of hope, faith, passion, and legacy. 
“Do you like fashion?”
Theresa smiles. Her eyes light up in excitement. She loves fashion. She tells me of her father, who had a sewing machine. But her face drops as she ponders how to tell her story. She tells me how she gave up that life with her family and moved to Johannesburg with her husband. After some time of being confined by her husband to their home, her husband abounded her and her 2 daughters. She was left with no job, no income, no family, no friends, and now no husband or place to live.
The strength it took Theresa to keep faith during a time when there appeared to be no hope is formidable. Theresa didn’t give up, she sought out whatever work she could get. She budgeted a small portion of any casual wage for bread for her and her children and saved the rest to buy a sewing machine. The trade was inspired by her father.
Theresa‘s faith is unshakable. During this difficult time, Theresa never lost faith. While nomadically moving from street to street searching for work, she also searched for a church where she could find solitude through the faith of God.
Theresa found a community of people who shared her values and took the time to get to know her. Her skills as a seamstress started getting noticed.
Theresa Made It. 

The vulnerability and plight of many woman and their children of daily concern but never  more urgent as it has been in as the Covid Pandemic engulfed South Africa.

The conversations started on how to just Pay the Rent and it came to the folk at Bush Tails in a story that touched their hearts and seeing if she could sew the Tails for the Venture.

From very humble beginnings…..Just Pay the Rent…..